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Fold Nation

Fold Nation works with various aspects of Paper Engineering. This includes Origami, Popup designs, Origamic Architecture, Paper Automata and other allied fields. We are striving to take our work in never before seen directions inspired by culture, technology, society, specifically in India.
In this digital age, Fold Nation looks to bring a Tangible , Creative and Collaborative experiences through workshops, exhibitions, installations and more.

Paper Engineering has attracted the attention of people of high cerebral calibre – scientists, surgeons, mathematicians, astronomers, architects, sculptors, engineers and fashion designers to name but a few. It is an ideal tool to improve spatial reasoning and helps in thinking in 3 dimensions.

We are excited to Share, Explore, Collaborate and Create with like minded individuals and organisations.

Shivaram Ananthanarayanan

Shivaram began his tryst with the fascinating art of origami at the tender age of 5 years.  At the age of 11, he was awarded the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in the field of Origami, instituted by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

In recognition of his sustained efforts in teaching and spreading the joy of Origami in India, he was awarded a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ by ‘Origami USA’ in July 2003.

Shivaram has been consistently committed to bringing the joy of origami and has been sharing his expertise with various categories of underprivileged and special children.

He published his book of original designs titled – “FOLD IN FOLD OUT – Origami Originals” at the age of 16 which was launched in major bookstores in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Goa.

In 2015 he published his second book – In The Fold – Heritage structures of India, that explored Indian heritage structures using origamic architecture.

He is currently based in Goa, India and is exploring the different aspects of paper engineering.

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